Don’t Make
Me Think

Making Happy
Customer Experiences

While I’m now semi-retired and enjoying more time with my grandchildren, my passion for marketing is as high as ever. Bad customer experiences, whether with products or poor messaging, drive me nuts! Working at large global enterprises I had the resources to spend millions on marketing agencies to help, but small companies do not.

So I now leverage my experience to help small business owners and managers with their product strategies. I specialize in messaging and product engagement to provide happy customer experiences.


A customer centric approach to implement a more natural experience with your business


Simple and clear messaging customers can understand


Simplifying mobile and web applications to reduce friction and streamline checkout

A bit about my experience:
An innovative product marketing leader accomplished in driving technology products from concept to market for Internet start-ups and global enterprises.

I’ve managed GTM for over a dozen products across multiple countries targeting different consumer segments and business verticals, primarily digital media entertainment (video, audio, games). This required adept communication, information, and management skills in addition to effectively working with internal cross-functional teams and external agencies and tech partners.

Roles: Product Marketing | Product Management | Vertical / Solutions Marketing | Partner Marketing, New Business Development (finding interesting partners engaged with our target audience)

Industries: Video Games | Media & Entertainment | Online Retail | Online Publisher | Financial Technology (FinTech)

Products: eCommerce | Digital Payments | Virtual Currency | Ad Tech | Streaming Media | Subscription management | SaaS | DRM | AI